icVOIP can now verify if a call is legit

Because everyone hates those calls from telemarketers who spoof local numbers, Innovative Concepts recently added a new feature to its icVOIP service that can indicate when a call originates from a legitimate source.

Even though it is completely legal to use any telephone number for caller ID, the industry has developed a framework of interconnected standards called STIR/SHAKEN which allows carriers like Innovative Concepts to digitally sign an outbound call. Other carriers who participate in the standard can then use this information to verify that a call is in fact from the number displayed on the caller ID.

This standard only marks incoming calls as Verified in Elevate (Desktop and Mobile); it does not prevent any call from ringing. To do this, just use the built-in Spam Caller Protection features already present in icVOIP which can be adjusted in the Admin Control Panel.

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