New icVOIP Version Released

As everyone already knows, Innovative Concepts continuously improves its services and platforms. They recently added several upgrades to their premier business phone system that deserve considerable recognition and admiration.


Suspicious Sign-In Alert

Starting August 22nd, users will receive an email anytime a suspicious login is detected on their account. This can be triggered by signing in on a new device or web browser, from a new location, or at an unusual time (e.g. midnight).

Encryption Upgrade of Online File Folder

To maintain the highest level of security protocols, on October 15th all online file folder servers will be updated with the latest security and encryption protocols. Because of these changes, users will be required to use Windows 8.1 or newer.


Softphone forwarding

Those who use Elevate as a softphone (Desktop, Web, and Mobile) will now see forwarding information with the incoming call notification. Recipients of a call will now see that it was forwarded, who it was forwarded from, and the reason it was forwarded.

Auto off-hook

When Elevate is used to remotely control a Desk phone (call controller mode), Elevate will now automatically put the desk phone off hook when a call is placed, simplifying the outbound dialing experience.

Microsoft Teams Presence Sync

Integrating Elevate presence with Microsoft Team’s presence extends the effectiveness of the status feature for organizations that use both apps. Presence status includes tags like “Available”, “On call”, “In a meeting” and “Busy”. This integration can be done in both directions, so that the presence status of Elevate users is visible to Microsoft Teams users, and the presence status of Microsoft Teams users is visible to Elevate users.

Mark as unread in chat

When navigating chat, mark a conversation as unread so you do not forget to respond later. Hovering over the chat on the left panel and marking it as unread will set a reminder on the chat. You can click it again to take the reminder off.

SMS URL protection

SMS with URL Protection performs real-time scans of the target site every time a link within a SMS is clicked. This will prevent users from accessing phishing sites or web pages containing malicious code.

New Conference Phone Available!

The Yealink CP965 conference phone is designed for medium to large sized conference rooms and includes a 5-inch multi-touch screen, 20-foot and 360-degree voice pickup and a liquid resistant acoustic fabric for any accidental spills!

New Free Headset Available!

Get the most out of the Elevate desktop app with the new Yealink WH62 Mono headset! The WH62 Mono is a wireless DECT headset equipped with Yealink Acoustic Sound tech, range of up to 525 feet, and up to 13 hours of talk time! Consider this headset as your free device when you add a new Elevate or Contact Center user (not available for Elevate Essentials and Elevate for Teams accounts).

Online Meeting

Compact Mode

Compact Mode is a new minimized version of the meeting window which will show the active talker, your preview, and basic meeting controls. The minimized window can be set to automatically appear for users when they share their screen, or it can be launched manually, allowing users to multi-task.

User Control Bar Update

The user control bar has been updated with a sleeker and more familiar look providing a better user experience when navigating a meeting.

Meeting History Update

We are updating meeting history so you can go back and view all your completed meeting information for both meetings you have hosted and attended. Look at things like your notes, recordings, meeting times and attendees who were part of that meeting.

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