Need Proof icExchange Can Save You Money?

One of our clients, a large CPA firm, calculated the cost savings of using our icExchange service.  Not only did they compare costs between a new implementation, but also wanted to know if they could see a cost savings after removing their existing In-House Microsoft Exchange infrastructure.

Think about this from a CPA’s perspective.  They, of course, are going to evaluate what they spent on setting up their own servers, their own SPAM filtering, their own multiple building infrastructure, software licenses, etc.  They are also going to attribute a specific portion of this initial expense to each monthly budget along with each items expected lifespan.  They are then going to compare this very detailed expense report to using our icExchange hosted Microsoft Exchange service.

Of course they are going to do that.  What we did not expect is that after attributing that expense to the hosted exchange side that it would still be cheaper than simply leaving their current hardware in place.

Now that the conversion is complete, they have re-evaluated their decision and are incredibly happy about the features, benefits, AND expense.

Need more proof?  I believe a CPA with numbers, don’t you?

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