I talked to Lonny this morning.

Two updates in one…

Lonny was in surgery for 2 hours yesterday afternoon. They weren’t able to repair all of the damage at that time, so he’ll have another operation in 2 weeks or so, after the swelling has reduced more.

About an hour ago, I had a call from Lonny himself. We spoke for about 15 minutes, and he sounded about as you would expect. This is
the first time he’s been able to sit up and make a call. He wants me to pass on
to everyone his and Belinda’s gratitude and appreciation for your thoughts, prayers, and good
wishes, He talked a
little about the flight and crash, but offered no new details.

Beyond that, I think the Mormon man that helped rescue him
is coming to see him later today.

Greg is also still in the hospital
and will be there at least one more night.

By the end of our conversation, Lonny was obviously tiring. But,
he was lucid and sounded like himself and even gave me some things to do here at work. That’s a good sign.


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