Innovative Concepts Receives Exceptional Rating

LinkedIn constantly records an array of statistics relating to businesses.  This data is then used to compare any business to others who provide similar products or services.  Innovative Concepts fared very well in their comparison.

Some important facts:

Job Functions
Innovative Concepts operates efficiently.  86% of all employees are designated as research/development while only 14% are general administrative.  Other technical services companies have only 28% in R&D and use 57% in administration.

Years of Work Experience
Innovative Concepts employees are more experienced.  For example, 43% have worked in their field for 15-20 years while other technical companies have 35% who have worked for 15-20 years.

Education Degree
Innovative Concepts employees are more educated.  60% of Innovative Concepts employees have at least a Bachelor’s degree and 40% have at least one technical certification.  Other companies have an average of 49% with a degree and only 3% with technical certifications.

Annual Company Growth
Innovative Concepts is growing faster than others.  The technology services industry averages between 4 and 9%, however, Innovative Concepts has enjoyed a very stable 20% growth.

The data referenced in this blog is direct from the Linked In statistics page as seen on November 6, 2011.

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