Innovative Concepts Offers Free PCI Scan

How vulnerable are you to a hacker getting into your customer data?  The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has developed a standard to not only ensure this, but to also help consumers know if their credit card information is safe.

Official Information can be found at
Any business who accepts credits cards must sign a document stating that they abide by the terms set force in the PCI compliance standards.  Additionally, one section in this compliance document states that any machine connected to the internet will periodically undergo a PCI compliance scan.
Full compliance testing can get very expensive.  Innovative Concepts feels that the PCI scan itself should not be one of these expenses.  As such, Innovative Concepts is offering its PCI Scan for free.
If you, or someone you know, would like help maintaining their PCI compliance, we would appreciate it if you referred them to the Innovative Concepts IT support department for assistance.

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