New Toolbar Available

Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, you will appreciate the engineering and thought that went into the new Innovative Concepts toolbar.

The new toolbar contains three sections.  The basic links are intended to make it easier for users to find the product or service they are looking for.  The Account Access section gives a direct link to the icDocumentation system that is used to record anything and everything Innovative Concepts personnel does.  And finally, the social media area allows anyone to use their favorite tool to see (or post) what is going on with anyone or anything related to Innovative Concepts.

Basic Links:

  • Innovative Concepts Home Page
  • icWeb
    • The Innovative Concepts self service website for internet products
    • Register a domain name and associate it with many services
    • Even though this site is defined as being “self service”, live personal support is always available
  • icBackup
    • Information on a premier online backup solution
    • Innovative Concepts has offered online backup since 1997
      • The first version used modems!
  • icExchange
    • Information on a complete Microsoft Exchange hosting solution
    • Save money and get more features than supporting Exchange in house
  • icVOIP
    • Information on the hosted VOIP solution recommended by Innovative Concepts for any business with 1 to 35 employees
    • No contract, adjust number of lines and all other options monthly
  • icSSL
    • Information on SSL for websites and email addresses
    • Already an Innovative Concepts customers?
      • Go here to receive your free email SSL certificate
  • icSupport
    • General information about the Innovative Concepts Support team
  • icEngineering
    • General information about the Innovative Concepts Engineering team
  • icDocumentation
    • Access to the Innovative Concepts built documentation, CRM, and invoicing system

Account Access:

  • Request a Job
  • View Open Jobs
  • View Statement
  • More…

Social Media:

  • Facebook
  • Linked In
  • Google Plus
  • The In-Con Blog
  • Recent News (scroll)

Install the Innovative Concepts toolbar by going to Amazon S3 with the peace of mind knowing that Innovative Concepts follows all guidelines for safe installations and removals.  The Installation will show up as “My Toolbar” in your computer’s “Add/Remove Programs” applet.  Any changes to the toolbar will automatically show up without any annoying confirmations.  Additionally, there are never any advertisements or pop-ups caused from this toolbar.

Any questions about this toolbar or any others on your computer, please contact the Innovative Concepts support department.  Want to create a toolbar for your business?  Please contact the Innovative Concepts engineering department.

This toolbar was created using an Alexa process. Alexa is a leader in website analytics allowing anyone to compare how their website stacks up against its competitors. By using the Alexa process this toolbar can contain Alexa ratings and other features Innovative Concepts hopes that users will find useful.

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