Hosted Exchange 2013 Available!

As of today, Innovative Concepts has begun offering hosted Microsoft Exchange 2013.  Innovative Concepts has offered a hosted Microsoft Exchange product/service for many years and delivering this version sooner than most IT companies can even hold the disk in their hands is important to them.

For those clients who already use an Innovative Concepts icExchange service, the server portion of the migration is free.  Of course, Innovative Concepts personel is available to convert the workstations, phones, etc.

For those businesses who have their own Microsoft Exchange servers, we encourage you to do the math and see how much money you can save by using icExchange.  Feel free to read our earlier blog article on this subject.  Using “Cloud computing” for everything does not work for everyone.  However, Cloud based email services like,, or others should be a requirement.

For those businesses who do not use Microsoft Exchange, we encourage you to consider how much time is wasted not using this very effective tool.  There is a reason that it is well known that a small business is considered “real” once it begins using this.

No matter which category you fit in, Innovative Concepts is here to help.  Give one of their representatives a call to chat…

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