Innovative Concepts Awarded “Google Authorized Reseller” Title

Innovative Concepts, Inc. is now a Google Authorized Reseller.  After requesting this distinction, it only took three days for Google to complete their decision process.  This included a minimum competency check as well as a financial review.  The following logo is now available to be listed, among others, alongside

Why add this?  Don’t they offer icExchange?

Innovative Concepts prides itself on not making every client fit into one system that they know well.  Keeping in mind that Innovative Concepts has been around since 1989, they also have phenomenal support technicians who are well rounded enough to find the right solution for each of their clients.

Additionally, Google Apps is not Microsoft Exchange, or vice versa.  Yes, they both provide email services.  However, the similarity ends there.  In fact, Innovative Concepts believes that many clients will utilize the best aspects of each one to create somewhat of a hybrid Microsoft-Google centric system.  Of course, some client may only use one or the other as well.

In conclusion, Innovative Concepts yet again leads the way in provided the best technical consultations around.  Don’t be forced into doing what your IT person knows the most.  Talk to Innovative Concepts and find out what is right for your business.  You can even keep your existing IT guy.

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