We’re Hiring: Programmer Tech

Innovative Concepts has an opening for a part-time, or paid intern, technician level programmer. Please email your resume to jobs@in-con.com.  You may also submit resumes through LinkedIn via the “Our People” page found at www.in-con.com.

Innovative Concepts has been in business on the Central Coast for almost 25 years. Of course, networking, support, and specialized installations are available like most other technical service providers.  However, since Innovative Concepts is also a development firm, clients can benefit from its engineering department that can make almost any dream a reality.  For example, they have designed everything including Mattel toys, autonomous flying machines, highly interactive online systems, smart phone apps, and very large databases.

Innovative Concepts is committed to offering clients a fully equipped engineering team without the expense and management investment.  It may sound like Innovative Concepts performs a tremendously wide range of work in many sporadic industries.  However, the key to how Innovative Concepts works is the fact that they have found the commonality in 99% of development projects and they have built procedures based on those.  Therefor, whether they are designing a an oil field monitoring system, a medical laser, a credit card processing system for Android, or a database driven website, to Innovative Concepts they are still doing the same thing.  At its most basic definition, they are using technology to solve a problem.

If this describes how you like to operate, work, and live, consider submitting your resume with Innovative Concepts.  All resumes submitted will remain on file for 1 year and are always included in any job opening consideration.

The programmer tech position is open to someone who can easily learn procedures and follow direction.  A potential hire will be expected to work independently or with a team.  However, a basic understanding of standard programming techniques applied to working with PHP, ASP (Classic and .Net), Eclipse, C#, Visual Studio, and mySQL are a must.  Additionally, this candidate should be familiar with many web server techniques including SCP, CMS, WordPress, etc. and must be able to learn other like systems quickly. 

This announcement is made to the general public and anyone interested is asked to apply via email (jobs@in-con.com) or via LinkedIn (See the “Our People” page at www.in-con.com).

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