Notice: Fraudulent Email Alert!

Everyone has heard of the dangers present on the web. However, rarely does such a perfect example of what not to do occur. Check out the email many people have received today…

A copy of an email received by many people in September of 2014 that demonstrates what can happen when links are clicked in an email

Sounds legit, doesn’t it? However, if you clicked on the “Sign In” link you would be brought to a page that looks perfect. You would not have any reason to doubt that it was not actually a Bank Of America login page.

However, this link and subsequent page do not have anything to do with Bank of America. Instead of logging into your Bank of America account, you would have just given your password to someone who can use it later. Even worse, after giving them your login information, they will redirect you to the real Bank of America site so that you would not suspect that something was wrong.

So, what should you do?  First, NEVER login after clicking a link.  Always manually go to the site you want to login at.  Second, for any site that is important to you, make sure that it uses SSL (The little lock).  Of course, if you ever have a question about legitimacy, close everything and start over using the way you “normally” connect.  As always, Innovative Concepts is there for you too.

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