Innovative Concepts’ Client Freedom Voice Acquired By GoDaddy

Another Innovative Concepts’ client has been purchased.  Of course, we would like to think that the applications we developed, the plugins we created, the API work we did, the support and advice we gave them along the way had something to do with their well-deserved success.  However, all we can say is congratulations to them.  Freedom Voice has been a wonderful client to work with for the past 15 years and we could not be happier.

Today, March 17th of 2016, GoDaddy has acquired Freedom Voice for more than $42 million!  However, Freedom Voice will remain at its current location and will continue to expand the offerings together.  Of course, we hope to still be involved as these exciting opportunities evolve.

If you are a client that currently uses Freedom Voice (based on our recommendation), rest assured that this will only make things better.  GoDaddy does not have any plans to change they way things are done in the Freedom Voice world.  As we know, that is why we (and GoDaddy) chose them in the first place.

If you want to read more, here is their office press release, and their initial marketing page.

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