WordPress Plugin Updates

As a general rule, Innovative Concepts does not recommend installing a plugin that will automatically update all of the plugins installed on your site and this is not expected to change.

However, WordPress no longer needs a plugin to automatically install updates. Instead, you simply enable automatic updates on any plugin you wish it to keep up to date.

What’s the difference? A plugin works by generating a list of all installed plugins that have an update available and then triggers the update on all of them. If you have used WordPress for more than a month, you know how fraught with trouble group updates can be. Your site could be down for days before you realized the update failed and then have to spend time using FTP to fix it. Moreover, it may work for years only to fail because a conflict was created when some unrelated plugin was updated.

This new feature triggers each update independently and waits for one to complete before moving onto the next and is completely managed by the WordPress system.

To enable automatic updates, simply go to the list of all your installed plugins and click the link at the far right.

Now, WordPress just needs to make this feature available for themes too 🙂

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