Password Management

These days, we need to keep track of a plethora of passwords. It seems daunting and frustrating when a site makes us change our passwords often but we must remember that they are looking out for our safety.

So, how does Innovative Concepts suggest we manage all of those passwords? Despite the fact that several password management tools have been developed, Innovative Concepts only promotes one – LastPass.

Like every other Chrome and Edge plugin, LastPass will prompt you to add your password to its database when you sign into a site but LastPass provides many more safety features.

Unique Passwords

LastPass will offer a unique password when you are creating a new account (or updating an existing password). Why is it important to use a unique password for each site you have an account? If hackers got access to your password on site A, they would now have access to your accounts on site B, C, D, and so on.

Mobile App

LastPass includes a fully integrated IOS and Android app. It will even pop up your account list anytime you click on a password field in a variety of apps!

Keep All Your Private Info Secure

You can also securely store other private information like ID cards, bank accounts, or even credit card numbers. This way, you won’t need to fumble with your card trying to type it into some site; just ask LastPass to fill it in for you.

Won’t Sign You Into A Spoofed Site

If you keep all of your password information in LastPass and you are directed to a fake site for your bank, you will immediately know that something is wrong because LastPass will not offer to sign you in. Instead, use the LastPass box to find a site and sign you in.

Emergency Access

You can specify anyone who has a LastPass account to have access to your information should you become unavailable for any reason. They cannot automatically see anything but must request access. However, they will get access if you do not respond within a timeframe you provided. In today’s connected world, don’t make your family members scramble if something were to happen to you.

With all of these features, it is amazing that it is completely free. They do offer a premium package that is a nice way to tell LastPass you appreciate the service.

Stop storing your passwords on paper or in your head

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